October 6, 2010

On the move,,,,,finally!

Now that we are all on he road and not so busy planning and packing, the blog is alive again.  SPOT has plotted our course from Wisconsin to Texas and tomorrow all four of us will meet up  in McAllen to start this new adventure.

RuthAnn and I have had four sunny, but cool, days of travel and arrived in San Antonio this afternoon.  We will have new tires mounted at the local BMW dealer in the morning, then head south. 

The planning and preparation for this trip has far exceeded any other motorcycle journey that we have taken to date.  Hopefully we have covered all of the bases and not forgotten too many things. 

The “cube system” mentioned by Jean in the previous post has served us well for several years now.  The cubes we use are made by Eagle Creek and come in several shapes and sizes and many different colors; two our favorite sources for them are REI and ebags.com.


  1. Hi Steve
    I 'adjusted' my comment to Ross once I found his list of mods -- didn't come up when I opened the blog the first time. The cube system sounds good. Jean can confirm that if anyone needs packing tips I do so I will look into it

    have a great trip

  2. By now you have probably crossed your first border - - I'm eagerly anticipating reading about your adventures and am glad you're sharing them. Thinking about you, Paula B.

  3. Having fun yet? Hope so! We're ready to follow and see the world through your eyes and fumes. Good luck from Val, Bob, Jessie and all friends in CO. Now get the H... out of Texas!. Mo

  4. according to Spot you're in Manuel. Say hello to Ali. If you've had your Dukoral eat on the sidewalk -- better and cheaper than the restaurant