November 10, 2010

Prepping the G650GSs

We bought our 2009 G650GSs this past February shortly after we returned from New Zealand where we  rented F650GSs (singles) for four weeks.  BMW was offering $1000 in accessories at the time which was quite welcome.  RuthAnn’s red bike (factory lowered) was on the showroom floor; I  had to order my black one. 

I’ll start at the front of the bikes and work my way back ; the bikes were set up exactly the same.

Stock low front fender removed
Stock fork brace removed and replaced with Wunderlich fork brace/fork gaiter kit
PIAA 510 lights (fog on right/driving on left) controlled by Autoswitch with the high beam flasher
Peel and stick headlight protector
Touratech wire rock guard headlight protector
High fender rear extension from Dakar  650GS
Heated grips
BMW hand guards with Touratech spoilers
Round rotating wide angle mirrors mounted on both mirrors
Kaoko throttle lock
Additional electric outlet on instrument panel--provides power for my GPS
Touratech oil filler cap with dipstick/aluminum replacing plastic/opens with 45 Torx wrench
BMW engine guards
Tool tube made from 3” PVC pipe/painted black/attached to engine guard
Touratech shifter and rear brake levers
Touratech rear brake master cylinder guard
High seat for me/low seat for RuthAnn
Center stands
Jesse Odyssey II panniers with lid loops and red and white reflective tape
Flashing halogen brake light
Signalminder which gives us self-cancelling signal lights, front and rear running lights, and flashes signal lights when brakes appled
Coiled bicycle cable locks attached to rear rack--used to tie down helmets or tie bikes together at night
New chains and sprockets mounted before leaving home
Metzeler Tourance tires and new tubes mounted in San Antonio

When we bought the motos we got top boxes for both bikes and a tank bag for my bike, but left them at home.  RA bought a very small Cortech tank bag and I bought a small waterproof backpack by Ortlieb that I tie down to the rear rack with small Rok Straps; both can be quickly removed and carried if we are worried about security. 

I am using a Garmin 660 Zumo GPS and a SPOT satellite tracking device; both are mounted on the the handle bars with RAM mounts.

That’s about it--if you have any questions please ask.


  1. Steve,
    I don't know what any of that means, bt thanks! Y'all have to show me one day after breakfast.I hope all is well with you guys. I look forward to pictures. How's Franny doing?It is going to be 66 here in Mad City today. Abrazos,

  2. Yee-hah! You've given me a zillion ideas for my Christmas wish list! Is the peel and stick headlight protector on your headlight, or the PIAAs? Using chain oilers? If not, what are you carrying for chain lube? Stock windshields? Stock shocks? Are you carrying an airpump? Oh - and congrats for crossing the equator!

  3. Felice,
    Franny is doing well with his good bud, Caesar.

    The peel and stick protectors are on both the headlights and the PIAAs, stock shocks and w/s, Best Rest airpump. Using ATF (automatic transmission fluid) for chains (try to do at every gas stop or 150-200 miles); Ross and Jean have oilers that Ross built with the help of their KLR guru.

  4. Hi Steve

    is the SPOT mount a standard Ram Mount made for SPOT?

  5. Just checked you out. Didn't realize there was so much elevation change. Maybe you'll be immune to altitude sickness after this. We will follow you when we go to CO in Dec with the "Grands". Hope you can find turkey for Thanksgiving.(or suitable roadkill). We'll be in SD with Marcy.Finally cold here, all plants asleep. I'll be in Sydney this year for New Year's Eve, hopefully holding a baby if not at the Zoo. The 3rd elephant was born last week, Hi from the lord and lady. Till next time, ciao. Mo

  6. Hi Wayne,
    Yes, it is the mount made by RAM for the SPOT; it is secure and SPOT pops in and out of it easily.