January 27, 2011

The Top Ten Things You Always Wanted To Know About Wind And Motorcycles

We are in Buenos Aires and out of Patagonia and away from the strong winds that we have written about in the past.  Here are some observations on motorcycles and wind:

1.   Wind is strong when the bike in front of you is leaning left in a right-hand sweeper.
2.   Wind is a Beast--it is noisy, even when you are stopped you must yell to be heard.
3.   Wind is insidious--even a quartering headwind will eat away at your fuel supply at a faster rate than you think is possible.
4.   Wind that is gusty can hit you from either side in a matter of seconds--be ready for it.
5.   Wind at your six o'clock is good--you get great gas mileage and you can hear your bike's motor.
6.   Wind velocity is considerably lessened in the wind shadow of a guard rail; trucks cast even a better wind shadows.
7.  Wind that suddenly stops is a scary thing--be ready for its return at anytime from any direction.
8.   Wind that is constantly howling is really annoying.
9.   Wind will cause the authorities to close roads to all traffic--especially after a couple of buses are
blown off the road.
10.  Wind will unzip your conspicuity vest.

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