February 14, 2011

Winding Down

Part III of our journey ended on our return to BA from Iguazu Falls.  We have been here a week now, the bikes have flown to different continents and we are about to do the same; Part IV was short and a little bittersweet.  We crossed into Argentina for the first time on December 1st and aside from our Antarctic cruise and two nights in Chile on Tierra del Fuego, have been here ever since; the Argentine economy loves us!

Last Friday we took a day trip to Uruguay to visit the old town of Colonia (two more border crossings!).  The "fast vessel" SeaCat made the crossing of the Rio de la Plata in a little over an hour when we then started our 90 minute bus/walking city tour.  The weather was perfect for a step back in time in the laid-back old town.  A sidewalk table for lunch followed by a cup of sorbet (there was a 1947 Studebaker for sale parked next to us) in a small umbrellaed heladeria took care of our empty stomachs.  There was time left for a stroll around the back streets, a sit in the park, and a climb to the top of the lighthouse to get a bird's-eye view.  The trip back to BA was uneventful (we all slept) and after the 30 minute walk were back in our little apartment.

Sunday is the big market day in  San Telmo and Calle Defensa is lined with vendors, musicians, mimes, puppeteers, cafes, tango demos, you name it, for about a mile from Plaza de Mayo to Plaza Dorrego.  Defensa is a half block from the apartment so access to the happening was easy; RA had  a good time shopping and I found some interesting photo ops.

We have two days left in BA to finalize our packing and to say our good-byes.  RA and I will spend at least two weeks in Florida visiting family and friends before heading north either by bike, car, or airplane--watch SPOT!  Jean and Ross will inject themselves into the northern climes after a one stop (Chile) flight to Toronto.

As with previous blogs, I will do a "look back" once we have settled in back home in De Pere,  Stay tuned......


  1. Thanks Wayne--we appreciated all of your comments! We'll give you a call next week when we have our travel schedule sorted.